Cotton Wick vs. Wooden Wick Candles: Which Is Better?

Wooden Wick Vs Cotton Wick Candles


If you’re passionate about candles, you’re likely familiar with the wide array of candle varieties and options found in today’s market. Whether it’s the diverse range of vessel types or the choice between scented and unscented options, candles come in various forms, each possessing its own unique qualities.

However, when it comes to burning candles, there are certain challenges that one may encounter. If not executed correctly, these issues can arise, potentially causing inconvenience. While candle enthusiasts may experience these problems regularly, they might not be fully aware of them. Therefore, it is essential to closely examine and address these concerns:

Concerns while burning the candle:

  • Sooting: Excessive black smoke is produced when a candle emits soot. What Is Candle Soot & How To Get Rid Of It is a concern that you might be interested in.
  • Tunneling: This refers to uneven burning, leaving a hollow space in the middle of the candle while the edges remain unburned. Candle Tunneling: What it is & How to prevent it is a must-read blog, if you don’t want to face this concern.
  • Drowning Wick: When the wick becomes submerged in the wax, it struggles to draw up fuel for proper burning.
  • Mushrooming: A buildup of carbon at the tip of the wick leads to mushrooming, resulting in a larger flame, increased soot production, and uneven burning.
  • Inconsistent Burn: Wicks may burn unevenly, resulting in incomplete combustion.

 In addition to these challenges, the type of wick used plays a significant role. Wooden wick vs Cotton wick is a topic of much debate in the candle community nowadays.

 In this blog, we will thoroughly explore the characteristics, pros and cons of each wick type, and which one you should buy. 

Cotton wick vs Wooden Wicks

Cotton wick candles have long been the traditional choice for candle enthusiasts. These wicks are made from braided cotton fibers and are known for their reliable burning capabilities. Here are some key features and benefits of cotton wick candles:

Pros of Cotton Wicks

  1. Consistent Burning: Cotton wicks typically burn evenly, providing a steady flame throughout the life of the candle. This ensures an optimal wax pool and maximizes the scent throw.
  2. Wide Availability: Cotton wick candles come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and scents. They are conveniently available at nearby stores and internet shopping sites.
  3. Easy Trimming: Cotton wicks are relatively easy to trim, allowing you to maintain a proper length to ensure an efficient and controlled burn. Want to learn how to trim your candle wick, then read our blog Trim your Candle Wick and other maintenance tips, it’ll provide you best information that you might be looking for regarding candle maintenance and wick trimming.
  4. Sustainable: Cotton wicks are ecological and environmentally friendly. Easy to light, it is also known to be durable, as it can burn for hours without going out, just like Aluminate cotton wicks which are made up of 100% cotton and provide a clean and non-toxic burn and can last up to 18 hours. These can be appealing for those who want to enjoy their candle scents for a bit longer.

Cons of Cotton Wicks: 

Cotton wick candles are not without their drawbacks. One common issue people face is the formation of carbon buildup on the wick, leading to a phenomenon known as “mushrooming.” 

This can result in a larger flame and uneven burning. To combat this problem, it is important to trim the wick regularly to prevent excessive mushrooming and ensure a clean burn. Aluminate’s life wick trimmer is the best product that can save your day with this concern

Wooden Wick Candles:

In recent years, wooden  wicks have gained popularity among candle enthusiasts. These wicks are made from thin, flat pieces of wood, often sustainably sourced. 

The pros and cons of wooden wicks are important to understand before buying them. So, let’s explore the unique characteristics and advantages of wooden wick candles:

Pros of Wooden wicks

  1. Crackle Sound: One of the distinct features of wooden wicks is the soft crackling sound they produce while burning. This soothing sound can evoke a sense of relaxation and add an extra element of ambiance.
  2. Longer Burn Time: Wooden wicks tend to burn slower than cotton wicks, extending the overall burn time of the candle. This can be particularly appealing for those seeking candles that last longer.
  3. Eco-Friendly Appeal: Wooden wicks are often considered a more eco-friendly option, especially when made from sustainably sourced materials. They provide a natural and organic touch to the candle experience.

Cons of Wooden Wicks

However, wooden wick candles also have their share of challenges. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Inconsistent Burning: Wooden wicks may occasionally burn inconsistently, resulting in uneven melting of the wax and an incomplete burn. This can lead to wasted wax and reduced burn time if not properly managed.
  2. Difficulty in Achieving a Full Wax Pool: Unlike cotton wicks, wooden wicks may require some experimentation to achieve a complete and even wax pool. If the wax pool does not reach the edges of the container, tunneling can occur, leaving unburned wax along the sides.
  3. Trimming Challenges: Trimming wooden wicks can be trickier compared to cotton wicks. Wood wicks often require a more precise trim to maintain the ideal length, which can impact the quality of the burn.
  4. Slight Charring and Ash Formation: Wooden wicks may experience a slight charring or ash formation during burning, especially if the wick is not trimmed properly. While this is generally minimal, it can affect the overall aesthetics of the candle.
  5. Limited Availability: Compared to cotton wicks, wooden wicks might be less readily available in certain areas or candle brands. Finding a wide variety of candle options with wooden wicks might require more effort or searching online.


Wood wick vs cotton wick candles: A matter of personal preference

Both wood wick vs cotton wick candles have their own unique characteristics and advantages. The choice between them ultimately comes down to personal preference. Cotton wick candles are widely available, eco-friendly, and provide consistent burning. While Wood wick candles offer a crackling sound, extended burn time, and a more natural look. However, they are not as widely available as cotton wick candles.

The best choice for you will depend on your desired ambiance, burn time preferences, and the overall aesthetic you wish to create.

So, explore the world of candles and find the perfect candle that enhances your space, soothes your senses, and brings warmth to your heart.

I hope this is helpful!


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