Why I Chose Whole Body Healing

Why I Chose Whole Body Healing

Hi everyone!

Making the switch from working in anesthesia to living a life focused on holistic healing has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made. Throughout my entire previous career, I worked in a hospital—a place that inspires fear and anxiety in many people, justifiably so. Due to the nature of our healthcare system, as an anesthesiologist, I informed people to use various prescriptions and drugs to target one issue. By association, my work, and essentially everything I previous stood for, was linked to trauma and negativity.

Why I Chose Whole Body Healing 2

Rather than using prescription medicine to quickly “fix” a problem, now I have shifted my approach to healing. Instead of bringing people into an intimidating environment in order to use medication to address an issue, Aluminate Life Products allow me to treat people within their own sanctuaries.

Why I Chose Whole Body Healing 3

Now, I treat the whole person. In developing Aluminate Life products, I focus on healing the mind, the body, and the entire being. This more holistic approach has changed the way that I look at Western medicine. I now strive to heal the entire individual with our crystal-infused products.

Be well,

Dr. Liz


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