5 Tips On How You Can Optimize Your Productivity with Scented Candles

5 Tips On How You Can Optimize Your Productivity with Scented Candles

As you’re working away at your desk, you can’t help but notice the scent of a cinnamon candle wafting through the air. It’s not just a smell; it’s an experience. Suddenly, your mind is filled with memories of time spent with your grandmother in her kitchen, baking cookies and enjoying each other’s company while the sweet aroma of cinnamon and vanilla fills the room. A good scent can take you back in time—or even put you in a better mood for doing what needs to be done.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that scented candles can be more than just a pretty smell. Scents can evoke memories, help us avoid danger and even get us through a busy day. There are many ways to use scents to your advantage when trying to be productive. Scented candles are one of the simplest ways to enhance productivity at work or home. While some may think that it’s an unnecessary indulgence, studies have shown that scented candles can enhance our moods and improve our performance. The power of scent to evoke memories is incredibly powerful—and by lighting a scented candle, we’re setting a relaxing tone for whatever work needs to be done. In fact, research has shown that group productivity increases in the presence of a pleasant smell.

Ways Scented Candles Can Make You Work More Effectively

Have you ever wondered, though, if there was more to scented candles than just aesthetics? Are they good for you and how can we use them best?

When we smell something, its scent travels to two important parts of the brain: the olfactory bulb and the thalamus. The olfactory bulb identifies what the scent is, while the thalamus plays an important role in controlling motor function. That’s why, when coffee lovers smell coffee, they become alert without even drinking any yet! Isn’t it fascinating? If you love coffee as much as millions of other people around the world, just smelling freshly ground beans could perk you up. But this is not the only way to wake up and beat that deadline. Rosemary, lemon, mint, and cinnamon are a few of the scents that can help you stay alert and get your work done faster. Need a quick boost for a report due in three hours? If you aren’t a caffeine addict then scented candles will do the trick instead.

Here’s how you can make it work for you.

Feel activated by the scent of lemon

When you walk into a room and your senses are activated, it can help to increase your productivity. The better you feel, the more focused and energized you will be. Use our Energy Signature Candle to boost your motivation and drive. Red carnelian crystal generates action and motivation while the citrus scent of lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot oils elevate your mood and uplift your spirit.

Enhance your focus and stay awake with the scent of orange

To bring a little more mindfulness to your workspace, light the Focus Signature Candle. Containing a Fluorite crystal that balances the mind, this candle features scents of orange, ginger, ylang-ylang, and lavender. These fragrances will help you do your best work by bringing clarity to the mind.

Calm Nerves Before a Presentation Using Jasmine & Lavender

Speaking in front of a crowd can stir up excitement. If you want to impress your boss and close a big deal, though, you’ll need to keep calm. Jasmine and lavender scents can help you with that—they’re nature’s Valium. Both these calming scents are present in our Bloom Tin Candle, which is great for any time you need to de-stress and boost motivation.

Improve Concentration with the refreshing effect of Lavender

The Release Signature candle is made with Lavender essential oil, Amethyst crystal eases all pains while the relaxing scents of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense dispel anxiety and worry. Lavender has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for stress relief due to its calming effects on the mind and body. Hence, this candle is perfect for the office, where you may be surrounded by stressful coworkers or clients all day long. 

Generate new ideas and evoke creativity with cinnamon

You can’t buy inspiration, but the right scented candle is a great way to get into a creative mindset. Our Cheer Tin Candle’s energizing clove and cinnamon bark essential oils are clinically shown to boost your alertness and memory. Plus, the gemstone red aventurine adds a touch of positive energy that’s perfect for when you’re working on something important.

End Note

Lighting a candle is all about mood. Whether you are looking to create a relaxing and restorative ambiance, or you want to add some pep to your step and a little radiance to your day, candles from Aluminate Life will deliver! Whether you’re adjusting to a new schedule or looking for a new way to motivate yourself at work, or simply want to revamp your productivity, its scents are incredibly powerful.

The next time you need to be at the top of your game, light one of these candles and get ready to work!


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