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Candles are no longer just candles, and that’s a fact! If before candles were only used to light up the dark, today candles serve a much deeper meaning and use. 

The warm and alluring ambiance and the soothing scent created when you light a candle is just something that you can’t get enough off. And so to help you make sure that your home smells great all year round, I have listed a few scents that you will surely love. I have listed amazing scents that you can enjoy for every month of the year and through all the seasons. I hope you enjoy them!



Spring is the season of warm beginnings. It’s when flowers start to bloom and nature is at its most beautiful. The scents of spring can transform your home into a garden party with each whiff. The energizing smells of spring can surely warm up your winter jitters.

Tips for finding the perfect scent this Spring:

Look for something light and refreshing, not heavy or spicy. 

Think soft and floral, or fresh, fruity, and citrusy.



Summer is the season between spring and fall. This is the season for beach fun, warm picnics, and sunny vacations. 

Points for the perfect scent of Summer:

  • Summer is the time of fresh fruits, sweet berries, and long grass in the fields. The plants in season now often make perfect notes for a summer scent.
  • Tropical scents like pineapple and coconut are best for summer reminiscing. 
  • The scent of luscious peaches strike a juicy note in a mouthwatering blend of creamy vanilla, savory citrus, and ripe raspberry



Fall, also known as autumn, is the season when the leaves on the trees begin to change colors to bright reds and oranges and fall. It’s when the temperatures start dropping, and the nights start to get longer. The fall season has a dense array of smells. Fall is filled with calming scents that pair well with movie marathons, chili cook-offs, and embracing the coziest corners of the home.

Things to consider for the perfect scent this Fall

  • Autumn is the smell of woods, mosses, mushrooms, green grass, and the smell of fire in the chimney. 
  • As the weather cools, heavier, more decadent scents are more appealing.
  • Look for autumnal notes, like apple and pumpkin, or scents with notes of fig, pear, or cranberry. You can also try the scent of harvest with grassy or earthy notes.
  • Autumn is also perfect for the scents of your favorite fall dishes
  • You can take the foodie approach to fragrance even further with warm, fall-friendly gourmand scents.



In winter the nights become longer and the temperature gets colder. And in many places, it even starts to snow. There are pine trees all around, cinnamon-flavored desserts, and cozy fireplaces. It’s the cold season filled with warm hearts. Enjoy the sweet aroma of baking and the warm feeling of lighting the fireplace without the trouble of actually doing it. 

Tips for making your home wintery:

  • Warm notes of apple and anything vanilla can make your home smell like a winter wonderland.
  • Wood scents are perfect for giving off serious wintry vibes. It includes notes of cedarwood, patchouli, pine needle, sandalwood, and teakwood.
  • Scents with a blend of fruit and spicy cinnamon create a scent that is reminiscent of spiced apple cider.
  • Peppermint and candy canes bring winter indoors 

Now moving on to the scents for every month: 


For January, the holiday season might be over but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating. Extend the holidays with stress-relieving scents. Like lavender, clary sage, cinnamon, orange, lemon, apple, and peppermint.

New Year is a time to start anew with positive energy with an open mind, and we at Aluminate Life believe in holistic growth and wellness. We recommend you try our I Desire Candle this year for manifesting your dreams and desires. The white amethyst, sodalite crystals, clear quartz crystals, and oud, jasmine, and sandalwood oils will help you tune into the right frequency to bring your dreams into reality. Use our sharpie to write down your intention on the candle’s surface; then burn it from time to time to keep that good vibe going.

Rectangle 6


February is the love month, and so scents of roses, chocolates, and strawberries can certainly set a romantic mood for you and your special someone. Celebrate love this month by giving the gift of romance. Aluminate Life’s Valentine Votive Candle set includes a rose quartz stretch bracelet as well as scented candles that are hand-poured with all-natural coconut wax blends and natural fragrance oils. All three candles come in 2.5 oz shot glasses that can be reused to serve your favorite drinks. Each candle is poured with a proprietary all-natural coconut wax blend and scented with essential and natural fragrance oils. Our 100% cotton wicks provide a clean, nontoxic burn.


For most places, March is the start of Spring. Some of the popular scents for this month are the scents of Spring. So that’s soft and floral, or fresh, fruity, and citrusy.


Thinking about April showers? Can’t blame you, April is the month for refreshing rains. The soothing combination of lavender, rosemary, and special herbs is perfect for any month, especially April. 



It may not be summer yet, but we can certainly start a little earlier. Flowery and woody scents are my favorite during this season.


It’s June and in most places, that means that summer is here. For this month you can choose scents like freshly torn mint, sweet orange, and lemongrass.


The month of July is full of stories. And if you feel like stretching the celebration of Independence day through the whole month, then you’ll love scents like; apple pie, Boston tea, watermelon, and other free-spirited scents.


Preparing for the changing of the season? Inviting scents of fresh laundry, sea salt, and a little bit of sunscreen on a candle is the best way to unwind from a crazy summer. 


It’s September and most of the greenery is turning into shades of orange and red. For this month scents of pumpkin spice and other sweet spicy aromas are the perfect pair for cozy couches. 


Fall is not yet over in the month of October. Since you’ll be wanting to wear your oversized sweater and drinking pumpkin spice latte, warm scents like cider and foliage can make everything great.


For most people, November is the month for scents of cinnamon, firewood, cider, pumpkin pies, and thanksgiving turkeys. And I can’t blame them. They all smell good, especially the turkey, but we don’t have a candle for that. 


Christmas is here! Stay cozy and enjoy scents of fresh evergreens, bayberry, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, and persimmon warmed by cinnamon and star anise.

Candles serve so many purposes such as a beautiful decoration, setting the mood, a pleasing scent, improves focus, reduces stress, and so much more! Light the candle and share the light.


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