The Healing Power of Aluminate Life Crystal Candles

Healing Power of Aluminate Life Crystal Candles

When I was a child, I begged my parents to buy me crystals. I loved the way they felt in my hands, and I was intrigued by how they looked in the light. There were so many colors within them; it was like a tiny rainbow in my hand. I was fascinated, and I only wanted more. 

When I started Aluminate Life, I knew I wanted to combine the healing power of crystals and essential oils to create products that people can use daily as a part of their wellness routine.

Crystals for health and healing carry different energies and knowing their properties can help you choose the right one to meet your needs. This post delves a little deeper into their properties and benefits.

What crystals help with healing

Hundreds of crystal-infused candles have unique properties that can be used for different things. They include:

Crystals for strength

  • Onyx  for strengthening vitality after prolonged illness or exhaustion
  • Tigers Eye for power, courage, and expansion
  • Moonstone  for a guiding light during change

Crystals for emotional healing

  • Amethyst for calming and balancing emotions
  • Flourite  for awareness, mental order, and clarity
  • Sodalite for  destressing and providing insight

Crystals for energy

  • Amazonite for balancing intellect and intuition
  • Citrine for happiness, manifestation, and abundance
  • Red carnelian  for passion, confidence, and vitality

Crystals for positive energy

  • Rose Quartz for tranquility, love, and comfort
  • Labradorite  for psychic abilities, shaman work
  • Carnelian for manifesting positive energy and vibes

Crystals for physical health

  • Smoky quartz for detoxifying, grounding, and fortifying
  • Lapis Lazuli for a healthy immune system
  • Bloodstone for improving circulation and providing support to blood-related issues.

Health benefits of Aluminate Life crystal-infused candles

Once you have chosen the most suitable crystal candles, it is important to purchase them from shops that offer pure and good-quality crystal candles. Aluminate Life is an example of an online store that offers a wide variety of crystal candles.  Below are some of the candles that we would recommend.

Transform 3 wick candle

Amethyst, black tourmaline, and clear quartz crystals infuse your candle and summon potent powers and mighty winds of change. These positive energy crystals will allow you to remain clear and centered while opening to a spiritual direction. Black tourmaline encourages protection. It helps remove ideas that no longer serve you. 

Recharge signature candle

Embrace the power of possibility with our Recharge Candle. Citrine Crystal supports you in manifesting dreams while lemongrass, geranium, and basil essential oils elevate your mood and renew vitality. These properties make them ideal meditation crystals.

Release signature candle

Let go of stress with our Release Candle. Amethyst crystal for physical healing eases all pains while the relaxing scents of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense dispel anxiety and worry.  

How to use crystal-infused candles for healing

First, you need to light your candle. Then set your intention. This is done by visualizing what you want from the candle.  If you are using the candle for healing, see yourself in the best possible health. 

Each candle is infused with a power crystal that is full of energy that radiates power that will promote healing. Light your crystal-infused candle every night, allowing it to burn longer each time. While you are setting your intention, imagine a white, healing light covering you.

What crystalline energy feels like

It depends on the stone: some are great for energy and some are great for focus. For example, if you are using citrines and clear quartz, you will feel the energy of focus.

But in general, crystals bring about a sense of calm and knowledge. You feel at peace and in flow with the universe, with the knowledge that the things you want to happen are coming.  You’ll also feel in harmony with my life when I am surrounded by crystals.

How to use crystals after the candle has run out

Once the candle has burned all the way down, purify the crystals under running water or in the earth, depending on the type of stone. 

You can use the self-healing crystals in many ways: Place them on the body, keep them inside a room or wear them inside jewelry. Natural stones can also be placed under the pillow to improve sleep, placed on the Chakra they work on during the meditation, or worn to infuse energy. 

If the crystals are broken, they can be returned to the earth by burying them in a vase or garden, where a plant can be grown. To learn more, CLICK HERE to download my book on How To Blend Crystal Energies Into Your Daily Routine.


The use of crystals or healing stones dates back to ancient times as a way to achieve a state of physical and mental balance. For example, if you were wondering what crystals help with anxiety, you can burn a candle with a tiger’s eye crystal. The stone eases anxiety, heartburn, and the digestive system.

You can use crystals at any age and in any condition, even during pregnancy. But Like all alternative therapies, crystal therapy must also be understood as supportive therapy for any traditional treatments and not used as a substitute for medical therapies.


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