The Art of Fall Cocooning

The Art of Fall Cocooning

Grab a warm cup of something and cozy up as we chat about cocooning and how we bring cozy back into our homes!

Autumn is all about creating an atmosphere and remembering experiences rather than merely enjoying things. It’s about being with people we love and creating a feeling of home where we feel shielded from the world, able to let our guard down. Let’s lean into our five senses as we create the most perfect hideaway for ourselves. 

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Your sense of sight is the first thing that makes you feel at ease. If your laundry is scattered by a pile of books on the floor, and you can’t find your headset in a jungle of knotted wires, clean up. Declutter. Our minds feel best relaxed when our spaces allow us to breathe. 


Lamps and Twinkle Fairy Lights

I am slightly obsessed with my twinkle fairy lights. They are draped across my fireplace mantle, wrapped in plants and decor items, and placed on a few shelves. They are arranged throughout my home and create an instant feeling of cozy and relaxing vibes.


Decor and Color Scheme

When you’re decorating, focus on creating an atmosphere of peace. This means sticking to a neutral color palette. You want to avoid colors that overwhelm the senses. 



Be about organic, natural candles. You’ll want to avoid candles with overly artificial scents. As you cocoon, make sure what you’re burning around yourself and your family is phthalate-free, paraben-free, lead-free.

You may also use a diffuser to bring in delightful fall scents. Simply add a few drops of your favorite apple cider or sandalwood essential oil.

Or DIY and simmer some cinnamon sticks, clove, and orange on the stove.



You want an ambiance that’s calming, so match it with music and sounds that bring comfort. Get one of those white noise machines to play the sound of the ocean or a rainstorm. And if you prefer music, certain songs have the ability to bring back so many memories. If you don’t believe me, play your playlist from high school and watch your mood change.



Wrap yourself in swathes of fabric as you sit by the fire with a book on hand. Pick the sweaters and sweatpants that give you an emotional hug whenever you wear them.

Invest in a set of flannel sheets for your beddings, then add a weighty blanket and a soft, squishy one. Get all the textures to wrap up in.

Or get creative. Knit a blanket. Make it warm and cozy.



Certain foods can bring so much comfort that we, in fact, call them comfort foods. These are dishes like warm soups, cornbread, or mac and cheese. Whatever food brings that sense of comfort to you, make sure to regularly include it on the menu.


Bring Yourself Back to Center

In the end, fall cocooning is all about allowing yourself to slow down and appreciate the simplicity of what is. Be content with what you have. Focus on the people in your life and find peace and well-being. Create the snuggliest little nook for yourself as you retreat into the orange and red hues of the falling leaves and the singular, often unexplainable, autumn scent.  



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