Your Daily Dose of Self Care

An ultimate Self-care Guide for a daily affirmation by Dr. Liz for intentional living. Daily self-care helps in managing stress, lower risks of illness and raises positive energy

It serves as a helpful reminder that "YOU" are more important than any checklists, chores, and people-pleasing

Self Care Guide will help you

About Aluminate Life

Aluminate Life’s mission is to redefine wellness with our dr. developed all-natural products. We strive to provide the tools for people to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.


By Dr.Liz Lehman in 2017, Aluminate Life combines the healing benefits of crystals with essential oils to create scents that promote feelings of health and vitality. We are committed to creating quality products that balance people’s sanctuaries of body, home and mind.

With easy, daily choices, our products can transform your lives and your idea of health, wellness, and luxury.

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