Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Blog Post

For the woman who seems like she has everything or doesn’t want anything, what do you get her? It’s always so hard to find Mom the perfect gift so we decided to make it easy for you by compiling ten best gift ideas for the woman who seems to have it all.

This is a full guide of what to give this Mother’s Day in all price ranges. Let’s dive right in!

1. Massage – $$$
You can never go wrong with a massage. Watch her stress melt away while she gets some much-needed alone time and relaxation. To make her really feel like a queen, let her rest for the rest of the day after to not ruin that “massage buzz.” R&R goes a long way, especially after a year of homeschooling the kids.

2. Lavender essential only the cheesiest and funniest examples of generic knock-offs buy vardenafil generic irish patients pay ‘six times global average’ for generic drugs oil – $$
Lavender is one of our favorite essential oils. It has many benefits; besides smelling good, it reduces anxiety and stress, increases healing processes, and helps with digestive issues, skin issues, and mental health issues. Put on the bottoms of the feet, put a few drops in the sink while she’s doing the dishes for a relaxing scent, or diffuse the calming scent at night for a good night’s sleep. Here’s a link to a relatively inexpensive and 100% therapeutic grade lavender oil.

3. Alone Time and Time Together – Priceless
What does every mom CRAVE? Alone time or time with you. Moms with young kids dream of a day with no kids and no responsibility while Moms with kids that have moved out want nothing more than a chance to spend the day with their kids. Here is an inside tip, give your wife some alone time and use that time to visit your mom, Smart, we know!

4. Doing the Dishes/Cleaning – $
This one is BIG guys. Dishes, laundry, and cleaning, in general, is the thankless gift that keeps on giving. The minute it’s done, there is more waiting to be done. I’m sure she doesn’t hear “thanks for doing the dishes” or “thank you for doing the laundry” every day. So this time, step up and take care of those dishes. Do a load or two of laundry. Vacuum the floor of all the pet hair and dirt. It not only shows your love for her but also your appreciation for what she does every day to keep the household running smoothly.

5. Jewelry – $$$
We won’t lie, jewelry is nice. She might never ask for it because it can be expensive, but every now and again it’s a beautiful gesture. It makes her feel special and lets her know you spent time thinking about her, picking out the perfect piece. Every time she wears it, she will remember when you gave it to her and how it makes her feel. Here is one of our favorite places to shop.

6. Cooking Dinner or Breakfast – $
This one is a classic. Surprise her with her favorite home-cooked meal whether it be breakfast in bed with the kids or a tasty dinner made by you, she will really appreciate a healthy, thoughtful meal made just for her. Add a mimosa and burn an Aluminate Candle to make it magical.

7. A Photo Album/Scrapbook – $$
You have made plenty of memories together. In the digital age, sometimes photos get lost in the endless gallery of phones. Print out some of the most cherished ones, and put them in a scrapbook. Allow the kids to get creative: have them choose their favorite pictures with mom and everyone creates their own page for the scrapbook. It’s a beautiful way to get the kids involved, immortalize precious memories, and let her know that she is loved.

8. Journal – $$
Sometimes, it really helps to have a place to write stuff down. Whether it be grocery lists or a place to reflect, journals are a great tool for Mom to express her feelings. It’s a safe space for her to express herself, and it’s a versatile gift. It can be anything from an artist journal to a gratitude journal to a to-do journal, so don’t count out the power of a journal this Mother’s Day.

9. Make her a CD or playlist – $
This one is unique. Put together a playlist of songs that make you think about her. They can be romantic, silly, or just good music. Get the kids to pick songs out just for her. It costs little to no money and it shows that you really care. It’s a special present to give and one that she’ll listen to all the time.

10. Aluminate Life Candles – $$
Our products are perfect for moms everywhere. Our candles are all-natural, eco-friendly, and burn for up to 80 hours. We combine the healing powers of crystals and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to create scents for desired effects. Whether she needs some energy at the beginning of the day, recharge after a long day, or stay calm throughout it all, we have the candle that’s perfect for her. Shop our signature collections here.

Aluminate Life’s mission is to redefine luxury and wellness with their products. With our candles, reed diffusers, and essential oil rollers and vials, we provide the tools for people to heal their bodies and minds holistically.

Founded by CEO Liz Lehman in 2017, Aluminate Life blends the healing benefits of crystals with essential oils to create scents to incorporate wellness in their daily lives and promote feelings of health and mental wellness. We are committed to creating quality products that balance people’s sanctuaries of body and home.


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