Lighten Your Mood This Candle Month

Lighten Your Mood This Candle Month

We do so much every day, from business to housework and dealing with unforeseen circumstances. All this juggling can be draining. We need to “lighten the mood”.  Using candles is the easiest way to unwind and boost our spirits.  

The National Candle Association (NCA) established World Candle Month, in 2013,  to celebrate the benefits of candles every September. The day reminds us to include extra pampering in our day. It also provides an opportunity to highlight tips and practices to help you enjoy using your candle. 

World Candle Month’s  theme this year is “Lighten the Mood.”   I’ll share with you some of the ways that candles can make everything lighter.

First, let’s talk about the history of candles

Candles have been used for more than 5,000 years. While not much is known about their origin,  their earliest use is attributed to Egyptians. Originally, candles were simply needed for their light. They were a survival tool, helping people find their way after dark. They also had symbolic and spiritual use in ceremonies and rituals around the world.

While the candle has retained both of these functions, It is more common for them to also adorn the counters, windowsills, and shelves of most modern homes for other reasons (except for the occasional power outage!). In honor of World Candle Month, I’ll discuss how candles can be used to lift our spirits.

Create an uplifting atmosphere

Most candles are visually appealing. They can be used as decor accessories to adorn a home or event venue. The flickering, dancing flame is also known to instantly create an atmosphere of calm in any room. 

Besides their ornamental value, soft candlelight can alter the vibrations in a room and bring about an energy shift.

Scent your home 

From rejuvenating citrus scents to sweet vanilla and spices, candles are also a wonderful way to bring a rich comforting scent into every room. They help you create a unique scent map throughout your home. 

By selecting a different scent for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom, candles allow you to turn your home into an aromatherapy paradise.

Mark wellbeing routines

You can also light a candle as a symbolic act to mark the moment to begin an activity. Whether it’s a moment of concentration, meditation, or relaxation, lighting your candle can help create mini rituals in your everyday life.

Use candles to enhance everyday tasks and make small, regular moments more enjoyable and mindful. For example, you can light a candle when you start reading, taking a bath, or watching a feel-good movie.

Trigger positive memories

Certain candle scents can easily trigger positive memories that inspire happiness. There are many behavioral studies indicating that smells are more likely to trigger vivid emotional memories and can instantly lift your mood if you’re feeling down.

Whether you are experiencing sadness, grief, or just had a hard day, light a candle that reminds you of a happier time. This can make you feel better and reduce focus on the small details of what you are currently experiencing.


Candles are an integral part of our lives – which is perhaps why they’ve seen such a resurgence in popularity recently. Burning a candle can help you lift the heavy cloud around you, transform your home into heaven, create a beautiful routine, and trigger positive memories. You can also use a candle every day during candle month to achieve these benefits. Good luck!


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