How to Practice Self-Care During the Busy Holiday Season

Practice Self-Care During the Busy Holiday Season
Practice Self-Care During the Busy Holiday Season

Holidays are just around the corner. It’s the time of the year where you go through a pool of emotions from excitement to worrying about how to make the best of these holidays. 

This holiday season, let’s practice self-care and going with the flow to make this Holiday Season one of the best ones.

Before we share with you ways you can practice self-care, One important rule to starting with self-care is to set healthy boundaries where you learn to give yourself time. Allow yourself to make this holiday season also about you. Say no to some of the events, say no to the work last-minute work deadlines, say no to busy work.  Prioritize YOUR WELL-BEING in this holiday season. Slow down and savor each moment. 

Here are ways you can practice self-care.

1. Bake your favorite grandma’s recipes 

Remember the times when you were in your early years of growing up and every holiday season your loving grandma would bake you an apple pie or your favorite chocolate chip cookies with milk. It’s time this holiday season you bring the same joy back by bringing the aroma in your kitchen that is full of loving and warm memories of love. 

2. Have a movie night with popcorn

Leave those dishes in the sink. Let the wrapping papers be strewn around. Give those tired legs and feet a rest by streaming your favorite holiday movie wrapped up in a warm cozy soft blanket. Wine is always an option. and a tub of popcorn.

3. Pamper yourself with love 

Relax your mind and soul by lighting up the environment and rejuvenating your mind and soul with a scented candlelight bubble bath, as if you’ve been reborn and given your life a new start. 

4. Maintain a skincare routine

Get yourself a variety of face masks based on your skin type and indulge yourself every other day to keep your skin glowing.

5. Gift yourself a Christmas gift 

It’s time for you to show yourself some love. Plan a spa date with your girlfriends. Select a location that is not close to your home so that you can get to travel but also recharge your mind and body. Gift yourself a little more love by getting a manicure-pedicure with a nice massage. 

Holiday self-care is a must. Years are gone where you forget yourself to try to keep it up every day. This holiday season, make it about you, pamper yourself, love yourself a little more, and have a great holiday season this year.

What self-care activities have you planned this year? Comment below and share with us your self-care practice this holiday season.


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