How To Choose Non-Toxic Candles

Tips To Choose Non-Toxic Candles

From fresh and clean to sweet and spicy, there’s an endless array of delectably scented candles to choose from. But did you know most of these candles are a huge source of air pollution and toxicity to humans? 

Why some candles are toxic?

Most candles are made using paraffin and stearic acid. Studies show that the combustion of paraffin releases gasses that are harmful to our health and the environment. Stearic acid can irritate the respiratory tract, and even cause explosions.

And that’s not all! The wicks of some candles contain lead or other metals that are supposed to improve combustion. But these materials also release substances that are dangerous to the environment! 

To avoid these harmful effects, choose an ecologically sound candle that is free of toxic ingredients. Here’s how to choose one.

Wax: Paraffin, beeswax, or vegetable wax?

Wax allows the combustion of the candle and the diffusion of scent. When choosing a candle, be mindful of the material that has been used to manufacture it. 

Three types of wax are commonly used to create candles:

  • Paraffin wax is the most common wax used to manufacture candles. Candles made from paraffin release toxic chemicals, such as toluene and benzene.
  • Beeswax is a naturally occurring substance created by bees. It is secreted by wax bees and thus does not produce toxic byproducts when burned.
  • Vegetable wax comes from different plants, such as coconut, soybean, rice, and rapeseed plants. It is an eco-responsible wax that is recommended over mineral wax for environmental and health reasons. 

Aluminate Life candles are made from coconut wax. Therefore, they are non-toxic and burn cleaner.

Wick: Cotton, wood, or hemp?

The candle wick delivers wax to the flame. The choice of wick is important when choosing a non-toxic candle. The common types of wick include:

  • Wood wick is made from 100% wood, semi-wood, fibrous material, or cotton and wood combinations.
  • Cotton wick is a natural material, so it does not release toxic substances when it is burning.
  • Hemp wick consists of all-natural ingredients. Thus users don’t inhale harmful gasses.

Aluminate Life candles have a cotton wick.  It does not release any chemical substance during its combustion and is therefore environmentally friendly. It is a good choice if you want a candle without risk to the environment and your health.

Candle scents: Artificial fragrances or essential oils?

Fragrance is an important ingredient in creating scented candles. It is important to choose the most natural, safe, and environmentally friendly fragrances possible. There are two ways to scent your candle: 

  • Artificial fragrances: Some candles are made from fragrances that contain substances, such as petroleum distillates; limonene; alcohol, and esters. These ingredients produce harmful toxins when burning the candle.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils are natural, safe for your health, and environmentally friendly. Thus, candles with essential oils are safe to use.

Aluminate Life candles are scented using essential oils. Not only are they safe, but they also produce a lot of benefits. For example, lavender essential oil has calming and relaxing properties. 

Non-toxic Aluminate Life candles to buy

Bloom signature candle is made with a proprietary all-natural coconut wax blend and scented with essential and natural fragrance oils. It also has 100% cotton wicks to provide a clean, nontoxic burn.

Transformation 3 wick candle is infused with amethyst, black tourmaline, and clear quartz crystals. Amethyst allows you to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction. Black tourmaline offers protection while clear quartz allows you to move from restriction into expansive greatness. 

Focus candle tin enhances thought and intuition. Fluorite crystal balances the mind and the bright scents of orange ginger, ylang-ylang, and lavender bring clarity to help you do your best work. 


Using an eco-friendly wax candle means choosing serenity and well-being. The scented candle will create a relaxing atmosphere and scent your interior without emitting any dangerous substances.

Aluminate Life offers a wide range of non-polluting candles for all moods and desires!


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