How Candles with Essential Oils and Crystals can Heal and Engage Senses: World Candle Month Celebration

Candles with Essential Oils and Crystals can Heal and Engage Senses

We all love to be pampered, to feel comfortable, to be able to release and let go of stress and anxiety, and just feel calm and relaxed. However, with our busy schedules, tight economy, and the Covid-19 threat, going to the spa frequently might not be very ideal. Thank God there are candles. 


Especially crafted candles with essential oils and healing crystals can give you the many benefits that a high luxury spa can offer right at the comfort of your home just by lighting it up! It’s like healing your whole body including your senses especially your sense of smell. 

Before candles were used just to simply light up the dark, but now a candle has so many more uses and benefits. Candles symbolize celebration, signify romance, soothe the senses, define ceremony, and accent the style of home decors. And with the addition of essential oils and healing crystals to its ingredients, candles are no longer “just candles”.  The healing crystals and essential oils work together to enhance the wellness of the mind, body, and home. 

Benefits of candles with essential oils and crystals

Relieve stress and help you relax  

Candles with essential oils and crystals have healing properties that promote relaxation and help you become more powerful. The aromatherapy created with this kind of candle can help with anxiety and depression, improve quality of life and sleep, and even ease some of the side effects of cancer treatments like nausea and pain. 

Provides better sleep

Using electronics before bedtime can disrupt your sleep and provide long-term negative health effects because you’re not getting your recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. The blue light admitted from the screens of your gadgets decreases the magnesium levels that can make you feel unsettled and anxious, preventing you from getting a night of good sleep.

Turn off your gadgets and light a candle before bedtime. This can help you feel calmer, more relaxed, and at ease. So you can reset to your natural sleep rhythms and have a good rest. 

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Increase focus

Got many tasks to do and many issues to solve, but you can’t seem to focus? By lighting the best-scented candles while you work, you can increase your focus and help you become more productive. Studies proved that there are certain scents that can stimulate your mind, help you concentrate, and can invigorate your senses. Giving you that extra boost you need to stay on top of your work.

Can help you remember past memories

Different candles have different scents, and they can trigger different emotions, feelings, as well as past memories. This is the reason why sometimes when you burn a candle with a crystal inside you can suddenly feel like cuddling a pillow. Memories and emotions can easily be triggered by certain scents. And that memory can bring out the feeling and emotions you had during that moment or time in your life.

Improves memory

Candles with crystals inside have been proven to help boost your mood and alertness, thus improving your memory. These candles help you focus, reduce anxiety and depression, and boost your energy for better concentration. 

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Promote positive energy

Crystals can protect and promote positive energy. And when it is combined with the right essential oil, the protective energy is amplified. The combination of crystals and essential oils in scented candles prevents and clears away bad vibes while promoting positive energy so you can tackle any challenge that comes your way with a positive mindset. 

Improve mood

The combination of crystals and essential oils is like a miracle that is blessed on you when you light a candle. It helps you remember happy memories, it protects your energy, and it improves your mood. In a Japanese study that was conducted on 12 participants who were depressed, they stated that aromatherapy from scented candles helped lower their dosage of antidepressants, boosted their immune function, and regulated hormone levels. These are just many of the observations that prove how aromatherapy can help you relax, feel peaceful, and be happy. 

Boost confidence

Crystal-infused candles are like your feel-good therapy. They expand the energy of confidence and self-acceptance. And when you feel good inside, it also shows on the outside. Your skin will look good and you will have a positive aura. This is the main reason why candles are a perfect gift for yourself or for someone who works hard and deserves some self-care.

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Manifest abundance

There are crystals that attract wealth. An example of this is Pyrite. The candle with Pyrite helps you attract money and wealth while making you feel relaxed, focused, productive, and engaged in achieving your goals. 

Connect with your higher self

Crystal-infused candles amplify whatever energy you’re working with, and they can be super helpful if you’re trying to connect with your inner wisdom, spirituality, and the divine feminine. You can try lighting up your candle while doing meditation to increase focus. 

Helps you stay grounded

Powerful crystals and essential oil candles can help bring you down to earth. These types of candles root you into the Earth on all levels of your being, helping you ground yourself in nature’s healing energy.

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Both crystals and essential oils are made from the earth’s natural resources and are both often used for healing and improvement of health. Having them both perfectly blended in a candle is like the perfect gift from nature that is guiding you toward the state you want to reach.

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