From Anesthesia to Holistic Healing

From Anesthesia To Holistic Healing 1

Hi everyone!

My name is Liz Lehman and I am the founder and CEO of Aluminate Life. I am a mother, a wife, an anesthesiologist, a yoga teacher, and most recently, a candle maker. I am a type A person who is always running around, focusing on the next thing I can do, and rarely taking a moment for myself.

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About three years ago, however, everything changed. I tore my hamstring and was forced to do the one thing I never did. I had to sit back and relax—my well-being depended on it. I did not know it, but this injury would change the entire trajectory of my career.

After having no choice but to sit down and actually take time for myself, I came across a blog about how to make candles. That very day, I ordered an at-home candle-making kit. What I thought would be a fun, relaxing activity actually became my new passion.

I spent the next few weeks researching. In my investigation, I found that the candles that I was burning in my home were filled with toxins. So I set out to make a new product—an all-natural candle that inspired wellness and healing, rather than introducing toxins into people’s lives.

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Aluminate Life candles are made with all-natural coconut wax, which is non-GMO and more sustainably harvested than other candle waxes. These candles are scented with essential oils and infused with crystals. In developing Aluminate Life and all of our essential oil products, I created something unique—a physician-developed line of all-natural healing crystal products that aid in holistic wellness.

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Thank you all for supporting both Aluminate Life and my newfound passion. This has been a whirlwind of a journey, but I have finally learned that sitting back and appreciating life’s small moments can lead to something incredible.


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