“No thief can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” – L Frank Baum

Why is my candle wick smoking?

Our 100% cotton eco friendly wicks are constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads to stay upright and rigid without using any metal filaments. While cotton wicks produce a consistent burn, they must remain short in length to avoid black smoke, soot or that ugly wick “mushroom”. Trim your wick before every use. Your wick should remain short at all times 1/8″ to 1/4″ in length to avoid smoking.

Why isn’t my candle burning evenly?

When you first light your candle let it burn until the melted pool of wax reaches the side of the container. This establishes a clean even burn all the way down and prevents the candle from burning only down the middle creating a tunnel.

Can I reuse my candle glass?

Yes! Your candle has been hand poured into a lead free crystal Stölzle German manufactured double old fashioned barware glass. When your candle has 1/2″ of wax left, remove your crystal and wick base – we suggest using a spoon. Remove any remaining wax, remove your no residue labels, and wash your glass with soap and water. Add your glass to your barware.

What do I do with my crystals when my candle is done?

When your candle is done, remove remaining wax from your crystal. Your crystal can be placed in various location in your home or worn on your body to encourage healing. Use your crystal for meditation(amethyst), place by your bed for a calming energy(sodalite), or to enhance sleep(rose quartz). Place your crystal (fluorite) at your work space to promote focus, or carry your crystal on your person for energetic vibes(carnelian or citrine) or for protection or grounding(smoky quartz or tiger eye). Check out our crystal care page for more information.

What if I experience skin discomfort or irritation when using Essential oils?

Our essential oil blends are diluted in a coconut oil carrier oil and are safe to apply to skin, however, if discomfort or irritation occurs, discontinue use of the essential oil. Should a rash develop consult a trained medical professional for appropriate treatment. Our oils are meant for use on intact, healthy skin only. Do not use internally, or in eyes ears or nose. If oils get in eye(s) seek medical attention.

How often can Essential Oils be applied? How much do I use?

Follow the proper usage instructions printed on each essential oil label. Excessive use of essential oils may increase the risk for adverse reactions. In most cases, 1-2 drops are adequate. Depending on the essential oil, you can gradually build up to 3-4 uses per day, if desired.

Can Essential Oils be used during pregnancy or while nursing?

Although there are no records of adverse effects of our oils used on pregnant or nursing mothers, we strongly recommended that you do not use our essential oil blends if pregnant or nursing. With all remedies when pregnant or nursing we recommend consultation with a competent, trained medical professional.

Can Essential Oils be used on children?

We do not recommend that our essential oil are used on children.

How does sun exposure affect Essential Oil use?

Some essential oils, especially citrus oils, contain natural molecules that react with sunlight (UV light) and cause a sensitivity reaction. While uncommon with our diluted essential oil blends we recommend avoiding direct sunlight after use of our essential oil blends.

Can I use Essential Oils if I have a medical condition? Can Essential Oils interact with prescription medications?

If you have a disease or medical condition or are using a prescription medication we recommended that prior to using any essential oils, you consult with a competent, trained medical professional.

What are the cautions when using Essential Oils?

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Do not ingest. If pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, consult your physician prior to use. If allergic reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical attention. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. May cause sun sensitivity, avoid UV light for 12 hours after using product. Oils may stain or damage fabrics. Contents may be flammable. Storage in heat or sunlight may weaken effectiveness of product. Aluminate Life Products are not meant as a substitute for appropriate medical care.

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