Essential Oils to Add to Your Spring Cleaning Routine 2023

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring is finally here! It’s that magical time of year when we can finally say goodbye to the cold and welcome the warmth of the sun. It’s time to put away those heavy coats and boots and embrace the lightness of a jacket. And what better way to celebrate than with some fresh, floral, and sweet essential oils? These scents will bring a smile to your face and fill your home with the joy of spring. Whether you’re using them in a custom diffuser blend or adding them to your cleaning routine, these essential oils will make your heart sing and your home shine. So let’s welcome spring with open arms and let the sweet scents of nature fill our homes!

Essential Oils For Spring

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Geranium essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Sweet Orange essential oil
  • Tea Tree essential oil
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Jasmine essential oil
  • Neroli essential oil
  • Basil essential oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Vanilla essential oil
  • Rose essential oil
  • Ginger essential oil

This is just a list, but here’s how to get the most out of spring cleaning with essential oils!

Discover the Surprising Benefits of Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Spring is the perfect time to clean your home and refresh the air. Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes during spring cleaning, including:

  • Cleaning – use essential oils to create homemade cleaning products that are both safe and effective.
  • Disinfecting – essential oils can kill bacteria and viruses, making them ideal for disinfecting surfaces like countertops and door handles.
  • Deodorizing – add a few drops of essential oil to baking soda in a small bowl to create an air freshener that works against bad smells.
  • Purifying – disinfect and deodorize with the help of essential oils! 

In this article, we’ll cover how to use essential oils as part of your spring cleaning routine. You’ll learn about how to use essential oils for carpet cleaning, household mold prevention, clogged drains, and more!

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  1. Using essential oils for carpet cleaning will not only help get rid of any lingering smells from pets or smoke, but it will also leave behind a fresh scent that makes your whole house smell amazing! Add a few drops of an Essential Oil blend into your carpet cleaning solution or dilute with water and spray on the carpet before vacuuming. You can also make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing half vinegar and half water with two drops of essential oil in a spray bottle. Use this solution on hard surfaces like floors, counters, and walls instead of using harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin or lungs!
  2. A gentle bathroom cleaner is a must-have for anyone who wants a fresh start after winter’s cold germs and sinus infections. Combine water with a few drops of lavender and orange essential oils for a calming effect before bedtime!
  3. Give grimy windows and mirrors a quick spritz with lemon essential oil before polishing them up with newspaper or an old rag — this should help loosen up any buildup that’s accumulated on surfaces during winter months (or even if you live in an apartment building with lots of traffic).
  4. Spray linens with lavender essential oil before adding them to the laundry basket. This will not only freshen up your linens but also help prevent wrinkles from forming when they’re hanging in the closet or folded away in drawers. The same goes for cotton t-shirts or other pieces of clothing that tend to wrinkle easily. Just add a few drops of lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball or piece of gauze, then rub it over any linens that need freshening before tossing them into the wash cycle!
  5. Make your all-purpose cleaner. Combine equal parts vinegar and water with 5 drops of lemon eucalyptus or orange oil (or both!). Pour into a spray bottle, shake well, and spray on surfaces as needed.

How To Use Essential Oils In Your Beauty Routine This Spring

Give your daily routine a spring cleaning so that you can start each day feeling refreshed and invigorated!

1) Start your day with a glass of water infused with lemon and ginger essential oils. The citrus scent will wake up your senses while the ginger will help to boost your metabolism, detoxify and improve digestion.

2) Take a hot shower using an invigorating blend of peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils. This combination will stimulate circulation and lift your mood! It also helps to relieve muscle aches and pains as well as tiredness.

3) Add essential oils to your body wash or shampoo. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (such as lavender or rose) to your favorite body wash or shampoo. This will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling great!

4) Apply a few drops of lavender essential oil onto cotton wool pads before placing them over closed eyelids for 5 minutes to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels before bedtime.

5) Use an essential oil massage blend for dry skin relief. If you have dry skin, try using an essential oil massage blend before bedtime. Mix 1 tbsp coconut oil with 10 drops of lavender essential oil and apply this mixture all over your body, paying particular attention to dry patches such as elbows and knees. Once applied, cover yourself up in layers of blankets and fall asleep while the coconut oil works its magic overnight!

Not just this, but you will be amazed by how these little bottles of essential oils can do a lot more than you ever imagined. Check out our blog: 9 Handy Uses For Essential Oils In Your Everyday Life and you’ll never want to stop using them!

To Sum Up

Spring is the perfect time to clean, refresh, and renew your home. Whether you’re getting ready for family or friends to come over, or just want to make your space smell better, essential oils are an easy way to elevate your cleaning routine.

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Wish you a great Spring of 2023 and beyond!


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