Why You Should Celebrate World Candle Day In 2024

World Candle Day

Candles are a symbol of light, warmth, and knowledge. They have been used since ancient times to guide people through the darkest of nights and decorate the often cold and dark interiors of homes. Today, man has mastered the art of candle making: Candles come in a myriad of forms available to suit different moods and personalities! Lighting a candle lets us express our faith, soothe our souls, and lift our prayers to heaven–promoting serenity through meditation.

The Significance Of World Candle Day: How It All Started

The history of candles dates back to about 5,000 years ago. Early civilizations used wax made from available plants and insects to create the first candles. The Romans invented candles by dipping papyrus or beeswax in melted tallow. Beeswax candles spread in Europe during the Middle Ages! Before gas or electric lighting, people’s homes were lit up by firelight, candlelight, and oil lamps; but they were also used for religious ceremonies. Today, candles are still a symbol of joy!

In 2020 The Association of European Candle Makers (AECM), Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association & EECMA (the European Candle Manufacturers Association) announced the first World Candle Day on 1 March.

Candles are often used at Christmas and during winter, but World Candle Day aims to show how you can use candles throughout the year to create a unique atmosphere from cozy to festive. Candles can be used in many different ways–from candle holders on your dinner table or in your home to votives on your bedside table or centerpieces at a party. Candles come in a variety of colors and scents, but they all create every moment special in a variety of ways: from the memories they evoke to their ability to create beautiful moments.

Candles create a warm and cozy ambiance, but they also offer many benefits besides that. Candles can increase productivity, help you unwind, have psychological benefits, and make a great gift!

Another fascinating fact to look at:

The National Candle Association established World Candle Month in 2013 to celebrate the benefits of candles every September. The day provides an opportunity to highlight tips and practices that will help you enjoy using your candle. Check out our blog post Lighten Your Mood This Candle Month, for more on the history of lighting candles and how they can help lift your spirits

How to celebrate World Candle Day this year

Celebrate the second World Candle Day by sharing your experience and tips on how to use candles throughout the year to create an enjoyable atmosphere inside your home and outdoors. Post pictures of how you use candles on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and use the hashtag: #worldcandleday.

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Candles Are Magical. We Must Celebrate Them By The Billions. Happy World Candle Day!


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