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Get Creative with Thanksgiving Candles and Crystals!

If you're like me (and I'm assuming ...

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Oh no! Are these Chemicals in your Candles?

You're going to love this blog post because ...

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Samantha Gades Ygpbbubdt9w Unsplash
The Art of Fall Cocooning

Grab a warm cup of something and cozy ...

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The perfect candle for every month and season

Candles are no longer just candles, and that’s ...

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Whatsapp Image 2021 08 16 At 1.56.15 Pm
5 Dimensions of Wellness: Tips to Achieve Balanced Wellness

With the current condition that our world is ...

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10 Toxic Items You Most Likely Use Every Day

Scientists are increasingly finding that the chemicals included ...

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Shield Candle Tin1
How to Have a Mosquito Free Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to ...

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide Blog Post
Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For the woman who seems like she has ...

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From Anesthesia To Holistic Healing 1
From Anesthesia to Holistic Healing

Hi everyone! My name is Liz Lehman and ...

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