Candle Care 101 | Candle Tips

Candle Care 101 | Candle Tips

Lighting a scented candle is something we all love to do, especially after a long, stressful day! 

But for these moments of relaxation to last, you have to know how to properly maintain your candles. 

If you are not sure how to best use the candles, this article is for you!

Here are the basics you need to know to get the most out of your favorite candles.


Burn your candles long enough to avoid dips

Oh yes! To properly maintain your candles, it is advisable to let their entire surface burn out before extinguishing them. 

Burn a candle of 2 cm in diameter for a minimum of one hour or wait for the wax on the surface to melt to the edges of the candle. This prevents pits from forming on the surface of the wax. 

But don’t burn the candle for more than 4 hours! indeed, glass candlesticks can burst when they get too hot.


Use a wick trimmer

Any time you think about candle maintenance, think about trimming the wick. 

Keeping the wick short makes the flame last longer and reduces pollution and soot buildup on the sides of the candle.

Shorten the wick to a length of about 5-7mm before lighting the candle. 

If your wick, when lit, gives off a light cloud of black smoke, it is because the wick is too long. If this happens, extinguish your candle and cut the wick. 

The thicker the wick, the shorter it should be cut!

Check out the Aluminate wick-trimmer.


Eliminate risk when burning your candle

It can be risky to use a candle. But there are precautions that you can take to reduce the risk of fire and danger. 

Such recommendations include:

  • choose glass candlesticks and not plastic or wooden ones (because they can catch fire)
  • avoid leaving burning candles unattended
  • do not fall asleep or go away leaving a lit candle
  • avoid leaving lit candles too close to flammable objects (mattresses, curtains, sheets, clothes, etc.)
  • do not put anything above a burning candle
  • keep the lit candle out of the reach of children or pets
  • avoid candles with wicks containing lead


Avoid drafts and water

Placing your candle under a draft or near an air vent prevents it from burning evenly and causes it to produce smoke.

Also, be sure to avoid splashing water droplets on the wax when using the candles while bathing.  This could cause the flame to jump. 


Clean the top of the wax and the glass walls

To remove accumulated soot on the glass walls and clean the top of the wax, simply pass a tissue paper gently.

The wax should be free of dust and powder or soil residue to avoid clogging the wick. 

Our candles come with lids to protect the wax and prevent dust and pet hair from getting stuck in them. Cover the candles between each use.


Do not blow on the candle to put it out

To avoid producing smoke, it is advisable not to blow out the candle. 

You can either extinguish the candle with a snuffer (this may be the end of the wick trimmer) or by drowning the wick in wax and straightening it immediately.


Repurpose your candles with reusable containers

Aluminate Life candles are supplied in reusable/recyclable glass containers. When your candle is finished, you can give them a second life! 

The candle is considered finished when only 5 mm of wax remains at the bottom of the container.

To clean your containers, fill them to the brim with boiling water and let them sit overnight. 

The next day, the wax will have risen to the surface of the water, so you can remove it easily. Do not hesitate to repeat this until the container is completely clean!

I’ll soon write an article to provide more ideas on recycling your candles. Stay tuned!


Let me know what you think

Now that you know exactly how to properly maintain your candles, tell me: what advice will you put into practice from now on? What are your favorite candle scents?

Share your opinion in the comments!


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