Candle Buying Guide: Choosing Styles, Scents, and Wax Types

Aluminate Life Energy Candles

Candles come in several colors, shapes, and flavors to satisfy all tastes and desires. While you can purchase any of these candles in several shops and online, they are not all created equal. This guide will help you choose the best quality candles by considering the raw material, wick, size, and scent.

Candle material

The raw material that has been used to make a candle determines its quality. The most commonly used candle materials are: 

  • Mineral wax: This includes paraffin, ceresin, microcrystalline, and petrolatum. If you are looking for eco-friendly candles you can choose ones that are made with mineral wax because they do not contain toxins.
  • Vegetable wax: This includes materials like coconut jojoba, palm, soy, and carnauba. If you prefer organic, non-toxic substances, candles made from vegetable wax are a good choice.  Aluminate Life candles are made from natural coconut wax blend, which burns slowly and cleanly.
  • Animal wax: The most common animal wax in the market is beeswax. While candles made from this material are expensive, they are also clean-burning candles that last for a long time.


Wicks are one of the most overlooked components of candles, yet they make a difference in how well the candle burns. Candle wicks are made of a variety of materials including:-

  • Cotton: Choose a candle with a wick that is made of 100% braided cotton. Braided cotton slowly absorbs fuel,  resulting in a calm and consistent flame. In addition, it does not require trimming and produces less smoke. If you are looking for a clean-burning candle we would recommend one with a cotton wick.
  • Wooden: As the name suggests, this wick is made of wood.  These candles crackle a little when lit, producing a unique burning experience. They generate a soft and warm glow and come in different shapes such as crosses or circles.  If you want to try something different, then you can choose candles with wooden wick.
  • Synthetic: Some wicks are made of synthetic fibers such as acrylic. While these are cheaper to buy, we wouldn’t recommend them because they emit toxic chemicals.

Candle size and shape

When buying a candle you also need to consider the sizes and shapes. The different candle sizes include:-

  • Pillars: The candles are thick, typically 2 or 3 inches wide, and shaped like round columns. However, some come in a variety of shapes such as squares and rectangles.
  • Tapers: These are tall candles that are used in formal dinners. They are ½ an inch to 1 inch and around 6-18 inches tall.
  • Votives: They are shorter (2 to 3 inches tall) and wider than tapers, but narrower than pillars.
  • Tea lights: These are short disk-shaped candles that can be placed on a tray or used to turn your bathroom into an oasis.
  • Containers: The container is poured into a vessel and comes as a single item.
  • Novelty candles: They come in a variety shapes beyond columns or squares.


Scent is one of the most defining characteristics of a candle. Its therefore not surprising that candle companies are offering a wider variety of scents for candles, ranging from lemon flavor through vanilla or lavender, to the scents of the ocean. There are two options when it comes to candle fragrance types: 

  • Essential oils: They are incredibly popular because they are 100% natural. They are also loved for their therapeutic capabilities, which is a common way of experiencing aromatherapy. However, there is a limited selection of scents. 
  • Natural fragrance oils: Unlike standard fragrance oils they are paraben-free. They are also cost-effective than essential oils. However, they can be harder to find.


There are candles with a variety of qualities. When making the purchase, you’ll have to let your tastes and preferences guide you. Good luck!


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