Top 5 Crystals for Stress Relief and Emotional Wellbeing

Crystals for Stress Relief and emotional wellbeing

Between work deadlines, family commitments, and the usual hustle and bustle, life can get overwhelming and stressful. After a certain point, it becomes imperative to relieve stress and look after our emotional well-being. But, what if there was a way to add a touch of serenity to your life? 

Sounds comforting?

We recommend trying crystals for stress. Yes! These are more than just pretty-looking stones; they have immense healing and calming properties that unveil potential benefits when routinely used. 

Crystals have been used for centuries for their energetic healing properties. They emit waves that naturally heal our bodies when kept in close contact or our surroundings. You can use them as pure crystals in the form of bracelets, rings, pendants, or showpieces, or try our crystal-infused candles

But what is the best crystal for emotional stress? Studies suggest that the best crystals for emotional stress are amethyst, carnelian, bloodstone, tiger eye, moonstone, and citrine to name a few. Sometimes, using a combination of multiple crystals can be more effective than alone. 

Here at Aluminate Life, we combine the calming power of natural coconut soy blend wax candles with the potential benefits of these healing stones. However, with so many options available out there, which are the best crystals for stress and anxiety

Let’s explore our top 5 picks of healing crystals for stress and anxiety

Amethyst Crystal 

Ah! The amethyst! It is the most popular crystal among the youth with mesmerizing deep violet and purple colors. It is known for cleansing energies and releasing stored emotions that obstruct well-being and growth. It is also known to soothe the mind and promote emotional balance. 

If you feel that a specific room is holding heavy energies, burn amethyst-infused candles and feel the difference yourself. The space becomes lighter, energetic, and relaxing. The same is true if you’ve been holding onto emotions that are not serving you for the best, try adding amethyst to your routine. 

Rose Quartz 

Next, is the crystal of romance – the rose quartz. This light-pink rosy crystal balances emotions and is the perfect choice for those looking to strengthen their emotional bonds. It has a gentle, nurturing energy that promotes self-love, compassion, and emotional healing. So, if you feel stressed or overwhelmed by emotions, or you are not able to enjoy a peaceful sleep, try the rose quartz-infused sleep essential oil rollerball for a sound sleep. 

While these are not specifically crystals for depression, they are a powerful stone that balances emotions and cleanse energies.

Tiger Eye Crystal

The Tiger Eye crystal has been used by several ancient civilizations for protection, courage, and power. With an increase in power and protection, these stones act as the ideal calming crystals for stress. They help harness inner strength, improve focus, give mental clarity, and dispel fear and anxiety. If you feel you think you need emotional support and inner strength, we highly recommend using tiger eye crystals. 

For enhanced effects, try Aluminate’s strength tin candle which has the goodness of tiger eye crystal and soothing fragrances of cedarwood, amber, and sage that balance your body, mind, and spirit & boost your inner strength.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

As a protective stone, the black tourmaline crystal creates a shield of positive energy and safe space around us. Feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Black tourmaline crystals may just be the right one for you! Even though they are not the ideal crystals for anxiety and stress, they create a safe space for inner healing. You can use them with a diffuser such as the transformation reed diffuser, which harnesses the power to change your life. 

Red carnelian crystal

Last, but not least on our list, is the red carnelian crystal. Originating in ancient Egypt, the red carnelian holds immense healing properties and is one of our favorite picks among crystals for stress relief.

What is the most powerful crystal for emotional healing, you ask? We’d say the red carnelian! These crystals increase self-confidence and promote emotional healing. Moreover, they stimulate creativity by reviving the sacral chakra and balancing our overall energies. We recommend rubbing energy essential oil vials on your wrists, or neck for enhanced emotional healing. 


Before we sign off, take note: It is essential to take some time off if you feel overwhelmed by emotions. Know that calming crystals for stress are a mere tool for relieving stress and anxiety. Along with these, you must practice a healthy lifestyle, and mindfulness and seek help when needed for peace of mind. But, for adding a touch of tranquility, incorporate crystals for stress that can truly create a supportive and encouraging environment. 

So why not consider treating your mental health first and immerse yourself in the magical healing world of crystals? After all, it’s never too late to prioritize your well-being! 

Indulge in the world of healing crystals for anxiety and change the way you think and feel about yourself, today! 


What crystal symbolizes emotions?

If you are looking for crystals that can help you manage your emotions and give you the inner strength you may seek, Amazonite could be an excellent choice. This stone has a pleasing green color that soothes and relaxes our nerves. It is also known as the ‘stone of courage’. This is the best crystal for stress and anxiety since it helps you overcome self-doubt, negative emotions, and resentment.

Which crystal calms anxiety?

Of so many crystals available in nature, amethyst is the most beautiful and relaxing purple stone. It tops the list of crystals for calming anxiety. It balances our energies – be they high or low and helps us center our emotions. It softens grief and dispels fear and anxiety. It is also known as the ‘Calming Stone’.


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