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Aluminate Life Candles

Not sure what to give your friends and loved ones this holiday? I’ve got the perfect gifting guide for you! 

Here you’ll find the best gifts in different price ranges. Giving you the complete well-being feel you’d want to come home to every day. Be ready to choose the best Aluminate Life gift for you and your loved ones.


Gifts under $25.00



Feel recharged and full of energy after a tiring day. The combination of the Citrine core and the earthy, bright scents of lemongrass, geranium, and basil will help keep you happy, energized, and full of life. Recharge him or her through this special gift.


Tired from your busy day? Wake up to a great morning and feel empowered. This candle is tiger eye-infused providing you with courage and strength to face every challenge that comes your way.  Plus, its luminous glow can last up to 18 hours. Giving you enough strength to overcome your day. Making this the perfect gift to show how much you support that special someone. 


Rose Quartz is known to promote sleep. Helping you get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up filled with energy and feeling fresh no matter where your bed maybe. It’s small, easy to use, safe, and effective. The perfect gift for those who love to travel and need a good night’s sleep.   


No one deserves to get sick. The essential oils of frankincense, citrusy neroli, and earthy sage help promote positive well-being and can boost your immune system. Having this essential oil rollerball is like having defense you can carry anywhere and everywhere you go. Gift your loved one defense of his own. 



Don’t ignore your body pains, we all understand how tiring it is to do Christmas decorations. Release your stress and keep calm through the relaxing scents of lavender, bergamot, and ginger. Simply rub it on your pressure points including wrists, back of neck, temples, and soles of feet. You can also rub it on your palms then inhale,  or rub it over your heart for direct relief.


Gifts under $50.00



Feeling overwhelmed with all your holiday tasks? Tackle your day with peace and tranquility. When you are calm you achieve a sense of clarity and become stress-free. It is infused with sodalite crystals that help calm the mind so you can make the best decisions whatever circumstance you may have to face. 


We all get tired and need to recharge. Let’s make recharging more special through this special candle. It can recharge your energy and health making you or your gift receiver happily full of energy to overcome any difficulty. 



Unsure which special candle to choose? Give her a special box instead. In this holiday collection gift set, she’ll have the wintery scents of CHEER, GATHER, and SPRUCE. She will surely feel your love through every sniff and feel the Christmas magic. 


Feel energized and ready to complete your tasks with this red carnelian-infused therapeutic oil. It can help revitalize your body with improved blood circulation and metabolism. Plus it helps lift your mood so you can end your day with success. Gift this to someone who needs lots of energy and is always a busy day in and day out. 


We all want to get good sleep, however as we get older and become busier, good sleep is hard to come by. Rose quartz combined with the peaceful scents of rose, lavender, and vanilla can help you achieve that good sleep you’ve been dreaming about. This promotes feelings of love and comfort improving your quality of sleep. Make sure to get one for yourself and your loved one who also needs a good sleep. 


Gifts under $100.00



When you’re busy every day or have lots of tasks to accomplish it’s hard to keep your calm. Sodalite crystal can help calm your mind while the scents of delicate chamomile, bright neroli, and grounding sage will keep you relaxed so you can handle your day smoothly and with the best possible success. It’s the best gift for your tiring day. 


Release your stress and tension, and feel relieved through this special gift. Amethyst crystal promotes feelings of calmness, while the relaxing scents of lavender, bergamot, and ginger will dispel anxiety and worry, replacing it with a sense of wellness. 


Unsure what to choose? No worries, you can have them all! You can have the complete collection of Illuminate Life Rollerballs beautifully packaged for optimal mind-body health just for you! This gift set includes five 0.34 oz/10 ml crystal-infused essential oil rollerballs and you can have it for only $85.00.



Missing the holiday cheer? Brighten up your day and experience the magic of Christmas through the gleeful scent of Cheer. It has the sweet scent of Christmas that can turn frowns upside down. Make Christmas extra special with this gift in your basket. 


Christmas preparation plus your other daily tasks can take a toll, making you feel exhausted and even overwhelmed. It’s like the joy of the holidays went away. Light a Gather and warm up your cold holiday. It has the sweet blend of cardamom and ginger spices and the nostalgic scents of campfire and frankincense making you and your loved ones feel warm and cozy. This would make the perfect gift for those who can’t be with you during this holiday. 


Gifts under $150.00



When one is not enough, you can always go for the whole collection. As hardworking, poised, and calm you can still lose focus. The bright scents of orange ginger, ylang-ylang, and lavender, combined with fluorite crystals will help keep you balanced and improve your focus so you can do your best at any time stress and anxiety-free. The perfect gift for busy office workers, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who needs to improve and keep their focus. 

Each collection comes with:

  • 14.5 oz Glass Candle
  • 4 oz Candle Ti
  • 4 oz Reed Diffuser


Feeling drained and low in energy? Recharge and feel powerful. The citrine core plus the earthy scents of lemongrass, geranium, and basil will charge you up so you can perform at full power and show you full potential in whatever you may do. It’s the perfect gift for mothers, medical professionals, managers, and anyone who needs to recharge.

Each collection comes with:

  • 14.5 oz Glass Candle
  • 4 oz Candle Tin
  • 4 oz Reed Diffuser


Feel empowered and confidently show your full potential. The Strength collection has the grounding scents of cedarwood, amber, and sage, along with its Tiger eye core, it will balance your body, mind, and spirit. So you can have the courage to tackle any challenge you may face. It’s the perfect gift for hard workers like you and anyone who needs a boost of strength.

Each collection comes with:

  • 14.5 oz Glass Candle
  • 4 oz Candle Tin
  • 4 oz Reed Diffuser


Keeping your calm through a buzzing day can be hard. You may often lose your cool and control. This collection has a calming effect that soothes your mind, body, and spirit. Helping you relax and release any negative energy in you. It’s the perfect gift for yourself, your family, and anyone you know who needs an extra TLC.

Each collection comes with:

  • 14.5 oz Glass Candle
  • 4 oz Candle Tin
  • 4 oz Reed Diffuser
  • 14.5 oz Essential Oil Vial
  • .34 oz Essential Oil Rollerball


Re-energize your system and be ready to face and overcome any hardship that comes your way. Red carnelian crystals can revitalize the body. And when it is combined with the citrusy essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot you will have the winning recipe for success. Which makes this the perfect gift for busy moms, students, teachers, and anyone who needs a boost of energy.

Each collection comes with:

  • 14.5 oz Glass Candle
  • 4 oz Candle Tin
  • 4 oz Reed Diffuser
  • 14.5 oz Essential Oil Vial
  • .34 oz Essential Oil Rollerball


Do you have insomnia, or often experience difficulty in sleeping? You are not alone. Getting good relaxing sleep is hard especially if you are super busy. Light up a candle or put on ascent from this sleep collection. These scents are especially created to promote feelings of love and warmth to calm you down and get a good night’s sleep. Give this special gift to someone who has been dreaming of peaceful sleep. Plus, it’s safe for kids and pregnant women. And you can get one for yourself too. 

Each collection comes with:

  • 14.5 oz Glass Candle
  • 4 oz Candle Tin
  • 4 oz Reed Diffuser
  • 14.5 oz Essential Oil Vial
  • 34 oz Essential Oil Rollerball

Still not sure which one to choose? Visit our website at and see our full list of amazing products and gift ideas just for you!


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