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Aluminate Life’s mission is to redefine luxury and wellness with their products. We strive to provide the tools for people to incorporate wellness in their daily lives. With our candles, reed diffusers, and essential oil rollers and vials, we educate people on how to heal their bodies and minds holistically. Founded by CEO Dr. Liz Lehman in 2017, Aluminate Life blends the healing benefits of crystals with essential oils to create scents that promote feelings of health and mental wellness. We are committed to creating quality products that balance people’s sanctuaries of body and home. With easy, daily choices, our products can transform your lives and your idea of health, wellness, and luxury.

Blending the healing benefits of crystals with essential oils to create products that balance your sanctuaries of body and home.


Dr. Liz Lehman

About Me

I think the universe knew I was meant to blend science and healing to balance one’s sanctuary (mind, body, and home).

I was always drawn to candles, especially when I was a child. My mother always burned them, and I would dip my fingers into the wax. She told me to stay away from them and I told her I couldn’t help it. I begged my parents to buy me crystals too. I loved how many colors they had; there were more colors and shades in crystals than there were in a rainbow. They shined so beautifully in the light, and I loved to hold them in my hands.

Fast forward to adulthood, when I chose to become an anesthesiologist. I was a single mom to my daughters, always on the go, seeing and treating what felt to me like a lifetime of bad choices. 95% of the surgeries I worked on could have been prevented with lifestyle changes. It was so disheartening because I wanted to help people heal, but surgery would only fix someone’s problem temporarily.

With my company, I can now be a doctor to many more people. I use science in creating products that have health benefits for everyone. My mission is to improve mind-body health in your sanctuary so you can achieve balance and wellness in life. I am now walking the path of a candlemaker and healer that my younger self and the universe always knew I needed to be on.

It took a major life event to stop me in my tracks and get me back to my love for candles. In 2017, I tore my hamstring. I had to physically stop moving. I was stuck, so I needed something to keep me occupied. One day, I was at work sitting on a frozen water bottle for my injury, and a blog popped up on how to make candles. I normally never read blogs because who has the time? But I felt drawn to this one, so I clicked on it. I ordered a candle making kit off of Amazon that day and my candle making journey began.

Being a doctor, it was natural for me conduct my own research. I was appalled to see what actually went into most candles. There were so many toxins, chemicals, and even metals in name brand candles. I knew there had to be a better way. I started experimenting, mixing different waxes with different scents and pouring them into empty almond butter jars. I researched the effects of essential oils and crystals to see how I could put them together to create scents that could heal holistically. The universe sent this to me as a sign of what I should really be doing with my life. Unfortunately, I decided to ignore that message and I went back to work.


Then the universe got loud. At the age of 50, I started experiencing pain in my hands due to arthritis. In anesthesiology, you use your hands for everything, like opening vials, injecting syringes, intubating people, and more. At first, I just tried to down some Advil and work through the pain. But there came a day when I couldn’t put even someone to sleep. That was my last day as a doctor. It was a little uneventful, if you ask me, but once again I was forced to stop.

This time, I decided to take the hint and listen. Not practicing medicine gave me time to focus on what I really wanted to do—develop products that will help people create an optimized sanctuary of mind, body, spirit, and space. I did extensive research on essential oils and crystals and their benefits, and created specific combinations for desired effects. I made candles with all-natural coconut wax, an eco-friendly cotton wick, and crystal and scent combinations. I shared them with my friends, and they loved it. They wanted more, and thus Aluminate Life was born.

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