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Environment is the
invisible hand that
shapes our health

Environment is the invisible hand that shapes our health

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It's no surprise that people who live in fast-paced, polluted cities like New York suffer from anxietyand respiratory issues. In contrast, the Japanese islanders of Okinawa enjoy relaxed lives well into their 90s.

But not all of us can just leave everything behind and move to Okinawa. Even less likely, we can't change the landscape of our hometowns. Still, there's something we can do. We can act on our immediate environments, and that's what Aluminate Life is all about.

Aluminate Life blends the healing benefits of crystals with essential oils to create scents that promote feelings of health and mental wellness. We are committed to creating quality all-natural products that balance people’s sanctuaries of body, mind, and home.

Each candle, diffuser, rollerball, and essential oil vial is designed to bring wellness into your life and that of your loved ones.

My name is Liz Lehman. I'm a doctor, candlemaker, and the founder of Aluminate Life.

Aluminate Life started as a kitchen experiment to pass the time when I was dealing with a torn hamstring. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with severe hand arthritis and my career as an anesthesiologist ended. Rather than mourning my loss, I transitioned into a new role as a candlemaker and entrepreneur running a six-figure business. Here’s the whole story!


Candles weren’t
my only love.
I also loved crystals.

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When I was a kid

My mother would light candles and I’d sneak behind her back to dip my fingers into the wax. “I just can’t help it mom!” I’d say giving her a guilty smile.

Candles weren’t my only love. I also loved crystals. They shine like tiny stars and holding them felt like having a slice of the universe in the palm of my hand. Then I grew up and things changed.

I became an anesthesiologist and a single mom. Parenthood makes you see the world through lenses made of empathy. That’s why treating my patients pained my heart because I knew 95% of the surgeries I worked on could’ve been prevented through a healthier lifestyle, a healthier environment.

Surgery can fix you today but a healthier body and a relaxed mind guarantee a better tomorrow. I started Aluminate Life to help you and me turn our homes into sanctuaries of wellbeing, health, and positive energy.

I’ll never forget the day I took my first step down this path.

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It was almost a classic Tuesday morning

Except for the pain in my torn hamstring that kept me glued to a chair. I put a frozen bottle of water under my leg and browsed the internet seeking a temporary escape, and that’s when I saw a candle.

It was a blog post and I devoured every word of it. Then, an irresistible urge to order a candle-making kit took over me. If I wasn’t unable to move my lower body, I would’ve danced my joy out.

The doctor in me got curious about the composition of the candles I’d been burning in my home and around my family. The more I read, the more disgusted I felt. There were toxins, nasty chemicals, and even heavy metals in these industrial candles.

“This is wrong,” I thought to myself. “There must be a better way.”

But once again, life distracted me. My leg healed and I got back to work, locking away my love for candles once more.

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I put all my
energy into

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Soon after I turned 50, my hands rebelled

They got tired of decades of repeated work in anesthesiology and expressed themselves through arthritis. For a while, Ibuprofen had helped hide the pain, and then it didn’t help anymore.

The basics of my work became agony. Typing on a keyboard seemed impossible let alone intubating a patient. I wasn’t ready for it, but my last day as an anesthesiologist had come.

It was time for a new adventure.

I put all my energy into candle-making. The fascination I’d felt as a child found its way back to me. I was more than happy to welcome it.

Through extensive research, I mastered the healing effects of essential oils, scents, and crystals. I also sought safe and all-natural materials like coconut wax and eco-friendly cotton wicks. Soon afterward, I made my first candles.

My friends loved my creations and asked for more, and thus my journey with Aluminate Life began and I’m glad you’re now part of it.