6 Best Gift Ideas for Employees and Co-Workers

Best Gift Ideas For Employees and Co-workers

Employee wellness is a crucial part of any work culture. 

This is the act of prioritizing your team’s mental and physical health. Wellness doesn’t just give you a happier, healthier workforce—it also enhances retention and productivity.

This holiday season, choose a gift that encourages wellness in your employees. Gifts for employees and coworkers show you care and, if chosen well, can help your workers improve employee engagement and sense of self. 

The gifts you buy for your coworkers and employees may seem more challenging than those for your friends, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s important to promote employee wellness, as well as some gift ideas to help you find the right gifts. 

1. Increased Productivity

A report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that absenteeism costs employers a whopping $225.8 billion each year. This is mainly because workers who don’t feel well are more likely to stay at home and not come to the office.

Employees who feel their best are more likely to be productive and put their best foot forward. This leads to better work quality, which ultimately results in company success.


AWARENESS • MENTAL ORDER • CLARITY . Enhance thought and intuition with our Focus Collection. Fluorite crystal balances the mind, and the bright scents of orange, ginger, ylang-ylang and lavender bring clarity to help you do your best work. 

Each collection comes with all three of the products created for that line, including:

-14.5 oz Glass Candle

-4 oz Candle Tin

-4 oz Reed Diffuser

-Price: $110

2. Better Employee Engagement

‍People who believe their company cares about their well-being are more likely to be engaged at work. They feel appreciated and valued, which leads to a greater sense of loyalty.

‍PERSONAL GROWTH Aluminate Gift Bundle is perfect for this.

You can choose to go back toward safety or forward to growth. Let our Transformation candle, Focus diffuser, and Release rollerball help you get to know yourself and push yourself to reach your highest potential.


-Release Essential Oil Rollerball

-Focus Reed Diffuser

-Transformation Candle Tin

-Price: $91

3. Reduced Healthcare Costs

Employees are less likely to get sick or injured when they are healthy. This leads to fewer doctor’s visits, which can save your company a lot of money on healthcare costs or absenteeism-related costs.

In addition, people who feel supported by their employer are more likely to take care of their health and make preventive care a priority.

NOURISH YOUR SOUL Aluminate gift bundle is perfect for this.

Revive your body and soul with our Nourish collection. Let our Strength candle, Defense diffuser, and Sleep essential oil vial fill your life with love, support, deep connection, and meaning. 


-Sleep Essential Oil Vial

-Strength Signature Candle

-Defense Reed Diffuser

-Price: $132.00

4. Increased Morale

When employees are happy and healthy, they’re more likely to enjoy coming to work each day. This can boost morale, which is important for a team to be productive and successful. Wellness gifts this holiday make them feel valued.


Includes: Tin Candles and Glass Candles

5. Reduced Stress Levels

Work-related stress can be detrimental to physical and mental health. It can lead to problems such as anxiety, depression, heart disease, and insomnia. 

Employers should strive to create a work environment that supports balanced lifestyles. 


DE-STRESS • INSIGHT • STILL and achieve tranquility with our Calm Candle.  Sodalite crystal calms the mind, and chamomile, howood, and sage oils help bring peace and quiet to the mind.

Price: $48.00

6. Improved Teamwork

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. 

Teams with healthy employees are more likely to have a healthy dynamic. This is beneficial for working toward common goals. It also makes coming to work more enjoyable for employees! 


Our entire collection of Rollerballs is beautifully packaged for optimal mind-body health. Therapeutic essential oil blends made by a doctor that are diluted with natural coconut oil and mixed with healing crystals are safe for your skin and ready to meet your needs.

Price: $89.50

A question you might ask: How much money should you spend on a holiday gift for a coworker

Giving is personal, so how much you should spend on a gift is also subjective. “The best answer is that it should be something you feel good about spending,” and there is nothing better than gifting wellness. Aluminate makes the best holiday gifts and unique gift ideas for employees on a budget. We have options for you in all price ranges, starting at $15. 

Founded in Lutherville, MD in 2017 by Dr. Liz Lehman,  Aluminate Life unites the healing benefits of crystals with the therapeutic properties of essential oils to create candles, reed diffusers, and essential oil rollerballs and vials that enhance health and mental integrity.  

Therapeutic Essential Oils • Premium Fragrance Oil • Dr. Developed • Phthalate Free • Paraben Free • Cruelty-Free • Vegan • Made in the USA



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