5 Clever Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

5 Clever Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Whether your favorite part of spring is the blooming of flowers, the signs of new life, or the sunshine, we’re sure you’ll agree that these months provide the perfect opportunity to deep clean, decorate,  and change the scents of your surroundings to give your home the look and feel of Spring.  If you would like to bring Spring into your home, this is the article for you. From our favorite cleaning tips to our brightest and most uplifting scents, check out our top tips to introduce freshness into your home!

Do some deep cleaning

The arrival of Spring is the perfect time to clean your house from top to bottom. Pass the sweeper in all corners, including those that you usually avoid. Tops of cabinets, bottoms of drawers, and backs of appliances also need a little attention.  Clean the filters of your ventilation and air conditioning systems, which will be used a lot during the summer. Walk around the windows to wash them, check their seals and make sure the screens and frames are in good condition. Take the opportunity to clean your blinds or curtains.

Ventilate your house

Open all your doors and windows to replace the stale winter air with the smell of the earth that comes from outside. It’s crazy how good it feels, especially if you haven’t done it at all during winter. Once the air is clean, keep it that way using green indoor air-cleaning plants, such as ficus, philodendron, fern, or croton.

Introduce a mix of  spring scents

Choose new home fragrances to perfume your interior. Scented candles, diffusers, perfumes, incense, and even essential oils … the options are numerous and so are the scents.  You are bound to find the one that you will enjoy. Here are some suggestions for scented candles and diffusers that can help you bring a joyful seasonal wind to your home:

  1. Aluminate life Focus Reed Diffuser:  Enhance thought and intuition with our Focus Reed Diffuser. Fluorite crystal balances the mind as the bright scents of orange ginger, ylang-ylang, and lavender bring clarity to help you do your best work.  Each reed diffuser is made with premium essential and natural fragrance oils in a coconut oil base.  
  2. Aluminate Life Release Candle: Let go of stress with our Release Candle. Amethyst crystal eases pain while the relaxing scents of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense dispel anxiety and worry.  Every hand-poured candle is made with a proprietary all-natural coconut wax blend and scented with essential and natural fragrance oils. 
  3. Bergamot Candle, Malin + Goetz:  Create an atmosphere of an orchard full of light, aromas of bergamot, flowers, and greenery with this candle. The candle has been designed with apothecary techniques, poured by hand in Brooklyn.

Liven your porch with flowers and plants

Take the opportunity to furnish your terrace or a balcony, by introducing plants such as geraniums, pansies, petunias, and many other very colorful plants bloom. Do the same on the windowsills. In the entrance and the living room, arrange colorful plants and fill your vases with very fragrant spring flowers: tulips, peonies, lilies, ranunculus, carnations…, or collect a bouquet from the fields or the garden.  The flowers will brighten up the table in the dining room or the kitchen. For your interior decoration,  use small succulents and fat plants, as well as gardenias and orchids.

Tablecloths and sheets

Whether for the kitchen table or the dining room, swap your monochrome tablecloths for colorful and flowery versions. Brightly colored cotton and linen will look great. For your beddings,  dare to use color, floral prints, designs evoking coastal or seascapes, or exotic destinations. Slip a few sprigs of lavender between your sheets or pour a few drops of rose or lavender essential oil into the washing water or laundry water (ironing). This is another great way for bringing Spring into your home.

Enjoy Spring

As you’ve seen, there are plenty of easy ways to freshen up your home for spring, and I hope you’ll follow these tips to be able to get your home ready for spring in no time. And you’ll be sure to enjoy the freshness of spring.


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